Property Tax Grievance 101

Posted on January 4, 2014 in Taxgrievance

What is property tax grievance?

Property tax grievance is a formal complaint filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based upon comparable sales. The town places a value on every property. ie – $600,000 – if we can prove your home is worth less than that value, we will accept your grievance. If there are sales in your area that are equal and above that value, we will send you a letter stating that, in our opinion, you have no case. If a neighbor has a similar home, and has lower property taxes, it may mean that they are under assessed; it is not a basis for accepting your case. The easiest cases to win are those on homes that have been purchased within the last year or homes that are currently for sale. To help entice potential buyers we can supply a letter stating an estimated reduction for homes that are for sale. Continue reading

Putnam & Rockland Property Tax Reduction Deadline Looms

Posted on January 3, 2014 in Taxgrievance

The deadline to challenge property taxes for most westchester and rockland county villages is only a few weeks away. (Town deadline are in May and June respectively). The 2 most common reason homeowners in the hudson valley region are hesitant to challenge their taxes are as follows:1. They do not want the town inspecting their home: *This is not a concern because the law as it stands now allows a homeowner to refuse an inspection. It is completely up to the homeowner2. Their tax bill reflects a market value in line with what the home is worth* This is misleading since the tax bills generally show a level of assessment that is not used when challenging the assessment; therefore, the house may still be significantly overassessed Grieve Your challenges property tax assessments in Westchester , Rockland, and the Hudson Valley and has filed many appeals in every town in Putnam and rockland county.

Tax Grievance Nassau County-Inside Nassau’s Top Secret Under-Assessment Policy & Why You Could be Paying Twice What Your Neighbor Is

Posted on January 3, 2014 in Taxgrievance

Nassau County Tax Grievance has been a hot button for years now in the press ever since the county was court ordered to reassess in 2002. The reassessment for better or worse has caused a multitude of issues for both Nassau County and its homeowners’. Then Ed Mangano, Nassau Counties current County Supervisor, who among other policies has frozen tax assessments for the past 3 years in a row,. This policy has added as much confusion as perhaps the entire reassessment itself, and remains a mainstay of his current 2013 re-election campaign.
“Mangano has been on a top secret mission to under-assess the entire counties assessment roll”

But what you have not seen in the press is the fact that Mangano has been on a top secret mission to under-assess the entire counties assessment roll. Under-assessing the counties roles is a brilliant solution Continue reading

Final Notice – File Nassau Tax Grievances by March 1st, 2014

Posted on January 3, 2014 in Taxgrievance

The Heller & Clausen Tax Grievance Group reminds Nassau residents that the deadline to grieve their property tax assessments is May 1, and urges all residents to file a grievance. As documented by the Office of Legislative Budget Review (OLBR), over the past two years, Cut-your-taxes-300x199over 90% of Nassau County residents challenging their assessment were awarded reductions, causing tax rates to skyrocket and the taxes of those who did not challenge to increase substantially. County Executive Mangano’s policy of freezing assessments results in large tax increases to residents who do not challenge because of skyrocketing tax rates.

“over the past two years, over 90% of Nassau County residents challenging their assessment were awarded reductions”
Continue reading

Guide to Grieving Your Property Taxes in Westchester, Rockland

Posted on January 2, 2014 in Taxgrievance

Property Tax Grievance FAQ

As part of putting together this Guide to Grieving Your Property Taxes, we anticipated a number of questions that you might have about the process. So we’ve gathered them together into this list of “Frequently Asked Questions” and our answers.

Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me?

You do not need to hire an attorney, but it helps. We have provided information in our Guide to Grieving Your Property Taxes about how to file your own grievance. All you really need is to do some research on why you think you are over-assessed, fill out a form, write a letter, and maybe attend the hearing. That said, we actually do recommend you get an attorney, because Continue reading

2014 Property Tax Grievance in Suffolk County

Posted on December 13, 2013 in Taxgrievance

If you live in Suffolk County, NY, listen up. This message is for you. You already know you pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. And you probably know that the assessments on which your property taxes are based haven’t been re-evaluated for decades. The upshot? You’re probably paying more than your fair share of property taxes! Continue reading

Deadline for Tax Grievance for All Townships in Suffolk County Is May 20, 2014

Posted on December 13, 2013 in Taxgrievance

1. Tax Grievance deadline of May 20th 2014 applies to the following townships: East Hampton, South Hampton, Brookhaven, Riverhead, Babylon, Huntington, Shelter Island, Southhold, Islip, and Smithtown.
2. Filing a Property Tax Grievance cannot raise your Property Taxes.
3. Any homeowners in Suffolk county that misses the Property Tax Grievance deadline of May 20th, 2013, must wait until May 2015
4. If you want to lower your Monthly Mortgage Bill and save money, this is one of the easiest ways.
5. No one will visit your home from the Assesor’s or our office